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Oleos 2

Address : Jl. Kebagusan 1, No. 6, Jakarta Selatan (Opposite Nestle Office Park entrance)
Tenture : Lease
Email : marketing@rohedagroup.com
Building Normal Operation Hours
a. Monday to Friday 07:00 AM - 07:00 PM
b. Saturday 07:00 AM - 01:00 PM

Developed by the visionary Roheda Group, a professional award-winning developer for its excellence in safety and security, Oleos 2 is designed as a compact & effective office building to be the ultimate match for your business needs.
Strategically situated at Kebagusan with easy access to TB. Simatupang, Oleos 2 office building is an extended success story of Oleos 1 office building. With swift access to and from Jakarta Outer Ring Road and no 3-in-1 restrictions, Oleos 2 is ideally located for your business action.
The modern design with uncomplicated approach creates a versatile office space with intimate atmosphere. Catering from 120 sqm of office space, Oleos 2 provides hospitality to its tenant with harmonious building finishes and business-friendly environment. Emphasizing on comfort and security, Oleos 2 provides you with the experience of professional business operation with a touch of simplicity.

Facilities and Amenities
1. 2 passengers' lifts
2. Telephone lines (terms and conditions applied)
3. Split wall unit air condition @ 2PK per 40 sqm (standard provided)
4. Separate electric capacity @ 23.000 VA per 400 sqm (standard provided)
5. Fiber Optic Internet access: TBA
6. Backup generator (terms and conditions applied)
7. Parking Management: TBA

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