The BIGGEST office floor plate at TB Simatupang
January 11, 2017
Available office space & houses apartements for lease
January 11, 2017

About Us

Roheda Group established a new paradigm in regional estate development. The firmís core objective is developing seminal building through an uncompromising dedication to architecture and craft. With this purity of vision in mind, Roheda Group seeks to develop an elegant and timeless body of work by profoundly improving upon the build environment.

Roheda Group has built 6 commercial office buildings, 6 apartments, 6 residential conversions and more than 100 houses.

Roheda Group currently employs an upward of 100 professionals across project management, cost estimators, financial analysts, accounting, administration, and various construction personnels.

Roheda Groupís technical capabilities in architecture, planning, and construction management enables it to build projects to exceptional quality and design, while mitigating risks due to its extensive experience in cost and schedule management. The Roheda Group depth of expertise allows it to deliver sustainable returns to all shareholders